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Welcome to Maddog Farm home of Hunters Mist Goldens...our website is under construction so bear with me. 

Quick news....our girl Shorewoods Renegade Ellie MH, WC has been bred to High Times Big Dog Daddy**CD, MH .....this breeding brings two awesome Master Hunters together....Ellie had her Master at 28 months, and is now getting ready to train for a career in agility (which she loves) and obedience.    Big Dog Daddy is a very handsome, intense, focused dog in the field and.....in the obedience ring...  Pictures soon to be posted.......(I'm designing my own website....)


Shorewoods Renegade Ellie MH, WC     

        815-466-0094                             cpmaddog@msn.com                                        815-351-2859
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